Single Source,
Small Farm Beef & Pork

for Atlanta’s Finest Restaurant Chefs

Farm-raised in the organic pastures
of Dublin, Georgia

Carbon Negative, Pasture Raised Meat

That Enhances the Flavor of Every Dish

A revolutionary way to source the cleanest meat to your doorstep, while saving on cost.
Buy direct from regeneratively managed, non-GMO farms in Dublin, GA


Our animals graze on sustainable, certified, organic pastures. Our single source, carbon-negative farm makes food that is not only good for you, it’s good for the environment too.


Personal, quick, consistent service. Stone Mountain Cattle is on your team… everyday. Plan a personal consultation now to discuss how we can help you and your restaurant.


Our meats are processed at a single source in North Georgia before being delivered to your doorstep, keep the amount of people who’ve come into contact with your meat to a minimum.

About The Farm 

The green, organic pastures of Dublin, Georgia.

Our Meat is not only good for you, but the environment. Stone Mountain Cattle uses regenerative farming practices. No tilling, no fertilizers, no herbicides and pesticides  or chemicals ever touch our soil. Our grass and soil health is everything to us. We are constantly  analyzing and monitoring our soil health and ground coverage percentage.

By rotating the Pasture our animals graze upon every 50 days we’re able to give the land time to heal naturally, allowing it to revive its natural nutrients. This  completely cuts our need for fertilizers, resulting in our farm’s transition to certified organic pastures. Another benefit includes the grass seeds the cattle naturally plant into our soil while grazing. 

Our farm is carbon negative, using carbon sequestration to defer the entrance of carbon into our atmosphere. 

The Whole Animal Program

Build, Educate, and Save

The Whole Animal Program is an opportunity for our team to give you the best deal possible. With a personal consultation, we can take a look at your menu and map out ways we can help your restaurant taste better, and save better. Here at Stone Mountain Cattle, we believe that the whole utilization of the animal is the key to economic and environmental sustainability.

Whole Cow

2 Brisket
2 Chuck Short Rib
4 Flat Iron
Approx 16 Osso Buco
2 Chuck Roll
2 Bone-in Ribeye Loin
2 Short Rib Plate
4 Skirt Steaks
2 Bavette
2 NY Strip Loins
2 Eye of Round
2 Tenderloin Filets

2 Flank Steaks
3lbs Ox Tail
30lbs Mixed Bones
10lbs Femur Bones
300lbs Ground Beef
1 Hanger Steak
1 Heart
2 Cheeks

Whole Hog

2 Shoulder
2 Belly
2 Rack Spare Ribs
2 Rack Baby Back Ribs
1x Boneless Loin
2 Crown Roast Rack
2 Tenderloin
2 Whole Ham
4 Trotters
30lbs Bones

Approx 12 Osso Buco
 2 Foreshank
2 Hindshank
40lbs Ground Pork
Pork Trim
1 Head
1 Tail
5lbs Skin